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These Shoes My Feet Hold…..

These shoes my feet hold
Done walked many roads
Are scuffed up, very old,
And carry with them many holes
From walking when it was hot
From walking when it was cold
These shoes my feet hold
No, they aren’t fancy or made of gold
These shoes have seen all terrain,
Concrete, and wood.
The walks they have had a wonder to behold
Take a walk in these shoes, one could,
But what’s a shoe without a sole?

Walker 2018


The Whisper

Life began in innocence
What’s wisdom, without experience?
Without knowledge, mind is delirious
What the spirit is, no one will remember this
Once upon a time didn’t exist
And before light was born there was an abyss
And so heaven reached out, and gave them a kiss,
And Death, out of jealousy, aimed at the heart its sorrow , but it missed
Love will cause a drift
Behold, Change! the big shift
You’d dare venture the edge, the steep cliff?
It may be living that they all dread
Not much of it to be done, but much of it to be said
Before opposites were wed,
Balance was dead
And from that void of instability,
Equality rose like bread
Oh mighty Sun, We praise the light ye shed
Mankind is the god that bled.
It was From himself that he fled
Only thought moves faster than light
Ones self is outta sight
And finding it is quite the plight
Trust, everything will be alright.

Walker 2018

The Fountain of Youth

If you are about to quit, don’t just yet
The fountain of Youth is in your sweat

If you are working hard, out of breath
Thinking you can’t take another step

If you are about to quit, don’t just yet
The fountain of Youth is in your sweat

If surrender is evermore a threat,
And giving up seems the easiest bet

If you are about to quit, don’t just yet
The fountain of youth is in your sweat

Sail into the bouyant sea of Life,
catch your dreams in a net,

And Soar amongst the clouds
As if you were a human jet

If you are about to quit, don’t just yet
The fountain of youth is in your sweat

And when you grow old and wise
They’ll call you a vet,

After all these years you haven’t grown old yet
That old saying, and don’t you forget

If you are about to quit, don’t just yet
The fountain of Youth is in your sweat

Walker 2018

Physical World, Not Real?

In this article, I will argue that thoughts about the physical world are more true, more real than the physical world itself. Our thoughts, it appears, are the only “true” things ever experienced. If thoughts are the only real things, one might inquire, then, what about the physical world? Are we to presume, as well, that it is not real? That sort of declaration, on its face, are grounds for a mental disorder, no? Not only is it a ridiculous statement, it’s a logical error.

Certainly it is not correct to deduce a non physical world on the basis of our thoughts being the only accessible truth. Instead of denying the existence of a physical world, perhaps it is more appropriate to reevaluate what by “physical,” we are attempting to designate. In other words, mildly, what is the physical world? What are those mighty mountains and curving rivers; those arborous valleys, and barren deserts; that deep ocean, and azure tinted sky? What, on earth, is it?

The physical world, itself, I think, is a different kind of thought. It is the type of thought that all humans can possess collectively, and, more or less, can agree upon. Notice that the uncanny nature of thoughts, unless otherwise disclosed, is that they cannot be known but by who yields them. An individual’s thoughts are their own private treasures. The physical world is not that sort of thought. It’s the exact opposite of that variety of thought. It’s the only thought we have that’s “thought” for us; that’s pre-concieved, understood, and manifested. When we think of opposites, we think of hot/cold, wet/dry, matter/anti-matter or left/right.

What is thinking’s opposite? One, if they are as straightforward as I, would be hesitant to answer with, simply, “not thinking.” Indeed, it seems logical enough. It’s not however that simple. This notion of “not thinking” will be discussed later on. For now it suffices to know that not thinking is not the opposite of thinking.

If they are even more straightforward as I, when they discover that not thinking is not the answer, they’ll probably settle with “doing.” And while it seems like a worthy rebuttle, because thinking itself is a “doing,” it cannot be concluded that it is thinking’s opposite. The opposite of thinking is–drumroll please–the physical world. The physical world is the thought that’s “thought” for us. It is the thought that triggers sensations for us like sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

Come, walk with me into the woods. Here, observe this pine tree, rub its bark, finger its green needles, and smell its sweet sap. Step away from the tree. Now, mentally, observe that same tree. The image of it, hold it. Now, rub its bark. Is it not just as before? Finger its green needles, are they not just as soft? Smell its sweet sap, is the scent not just as pleasant?

How could I ever imagine, that something happening on the inside of me is less true, less real than what is on the outside of me? Which of the pine trees are the real pine tree, the mental or the physical? Truth is, they are the same in essence, different in nature. They, the two pine trees, are the same thought thought in different ways.

The physical world, again, is an extension of one’s mind. It depends on the mind, because the mind is its source. When consciousness goes, it goes. We know not whether, in one’s hour of departure, if it stays or leaves. The world cannot survive without consious minds; and, even if it could survive without them, how could that ever concern little ole human beings? What does it matter to human beings, if there are no thoughts around? What does it matter if there is no “Being” around? How could there ever “be” without any beings?

What, then, is metaphysics? Metaphysics is the study of the physical world’s relationship to consciousness. It is how humans have come to understand and make use of their consiousness–in particular, their reasoning senses. While metaphysical philosophers, all the while, thought they were reflecting upon something physical, in my eyes, they in truth were reflecting upon themselves.

What is Death? Death is the end of thoughts. And this returns the discussion once more to “not thinking.” Death tends to be percieved from the perspective of the mourners. This is so because the mourners are the ones who bury and quote prayers for the deceased. It is they who mourn and live on until, no doubt, it is their own time to be buried. The soul that has perished, however, will always be the true mourner. For, it is he who has fallen from his loved ones–it is he who has fallen from the world.

When thoughts die, so does every thing thoughts encompass. Upon Death, one does not abandon the physical world and their loved ones, but their loved ones, along with the physical world, accompany them on their journey. Simply put, when the user exits the game, everything in her user-universe exits with her.

The physical world is a thought that is exclusively individual. Quite paradoxically, while being exclusively individual, it is at the same time exclusively collective, in as much as all of generally sane individuals have the same idea of the physical world in mind. It is the physical world, which I have argued is a different kind of thought, that connects mankind into one consious unity.

At any rate perhaps we will continue this argument another time in more detail. I have argued that thoughts are more true and real than the physical world. I also argued that the physical world itself is a different kind of thought. These reflections were on my mind some time, and so I decided to share them. I hope, having endured my longwindedness, I did encourage further inquiry upon the issue on your behalf……

Make America Great Again

Make America great again?

Not, make America Hate again,

Make Americans have faith again.

Make America great again?

Not make America take again,

For America’s sake again,

Its dark history, and all of its sins.

Make America great again?

How great, my friend,

Up till now has it been?

It has produced hoards of Great men?

And when it goes to war, it always wins?

Is this what makes America great again?

When shall its future begin?

Change, they say, is as sure as the wind

Make America great again.

Make it great, and make it tall

With a sturdy base that’ll never fall.


Walker 2018


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